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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Poster by Zoiby Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Poster by Zoiby
from Prize Corner/Cam 11

Rock! by ZoibyEat! by ZoibyParty! by ZoibyPlay! by Zoiby

Tumblr link:…

edit: 6/1/14: sorry I had to ruin this with an ugly dA watermark, but i just did a google image search for this and it's actually upsetting seeing how many times this has been stolen and uploaded to other sites without permission or even credit (seriously? is it really that hard?). If you see this anywhere but here or on tumblr, then can you please ask them to remove it... again, sorry.

edit (8/5/16): disabled comments because this is old and im tired of getting feedback on it.

F&Q about this piece:

:bulletred:can i use this/repost it somewhere? no. If you really want to use it then send me a note about it.
:bulletorange:is this the real poster from FNaF 2? no, it's just my recreation of it
:bulletyellow:is this the poster from the fangame, Fazbear 4? yes, but the creator used it without permission or credit, so if you could call them a cheeky hoe for me then that would be great :heart: lmao
:bulletgreen:what should i do if i see someone else using/reposting this? please kindly ask them to remove it, if they don't then just report them, no need to tell me about it
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November 26, 2014
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